Going Forth

Going Forth
Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010
By Sarah Waninger

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In today’s reading Jesus sends his disciples to continue doing the works that he has taught them. He blesses them to take the Holy Spirit with them on their travels, wherever they would be going next.

As a graduating senior, this message of peace and accompaniment means so much to me, more now than ever before in my life. I have learned so much about life, God, myself, my faith, and the world around me in my time at SLU. I am really struggling to accept the fact that this phase of my life is over. It is sad but glad.

As my friends and I scatter literally to all parts of the country: Indiana, California, Texas, Michigan, Massachusetts, etc., I am excited to see what this new phase brings for each of us. It is time to take the gifts, great blessings and life lessons given us during this university time and go forward to into the world.

I am both nervous and excited for my next step. Medical school in Indiana will be a challenging and difficult learning experience. But I am confident that the learnings and blessings I have received from SLU in the last four years will continue to provide the peace that Jesus wishes his disciples in today’s gospel.

It is a time of great transition for me and my companions. A time of new challenges and of course goodbyes. I hope the training and life I have built here and the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit will continue to work in my heart and the hearts of my classmates as we go forth. Jesus is sending us forth as his disciples today.

Sarah Waninger
Senior, Saint Louis University

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